The Kiss Reloaded

On Valentine’s Day I wrote about how the Belvedere in Vienna sold 10,000 digital segments of Gustav Klimt’s Der Kuss as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). In my original post I noted that when asked why the Belvedere was engaging in this sensational action, museum director Wolfgang Bergmann answered simply: “Why not?” My original refutation of Bergmann’s … Continue reading The Kiss Reloaded

Sunday Best

After blowing my 1,465-day streak back in February, I have been looking for a new crossword highlight. Today, on an incredibly easy puzzle, I got a new Sunday best solve time of 26:45. I certainly won’t be winning any crossword competitions any time soon, but I’m still proud of my accomplishment.

Midas Touch

I’m back after a week-long posting hiatus. The triple whammy of illness, trip to the States, and recovery from jet lag, left me needing a break. I’m feeling better now and ready to titillate you again with musing on matters cultural, political, philosophical, or simply trivial. Today, I bring you another installment of things the … Continue reading Midas Touch

Platform 9

Here is a new addition to the list of things the world doesn’t need. The Riesenrad (giant Ferris wheel) in the Vienna Prater has added an outdoor glass platform between the traditional closed cars. According to the operator, visitors can now get an “adrenaline kick” while experiencing Vienna from a new perspective. New Platform 9 … Continue reading Platform 9


Unfortunately, many of my students are unable to read and comprehend longer text passages. They simply lack the required concentration. I am not the only person to notice decreasing attentiveness. Cathy O’Neil, the author of Weapons of Math Destruction, recently reviewed two books on the subject in a New York Times article titled: Why Can’t … Continue reading TLDR


I have returned from my trip to the States. Totaling up the financial damage, I am reminded of MasterCard’s “priceless” advertising campaign from the late 1990s. Airfare:€ 680.00Ground transportation:€ 45.00Rental car:€ 580.00Food and meals:€ 320.00Miscellaneous: € 130.00Six days on the road with my son:priceless Priceless, McCann-Erickson, 1997 Despite MasterCard’s commercial intentions, the message behind … Continue reading Priceless