I am flying today for the first time in over a year. Ecological footprint calculations combined with countless articles about flight shame have kept me from the airport. However, I’m travelling to the States, and I don’t have the time or moral conviction of Greta Thunberg.

Not surprisingly, Austrian Airlines has picked up on the Zeitgeist. In their current in-flight magazine, they stress the importance of sustainability and suggest that passengers purchase carbon offsets.

On my layover I did some research. myclimate.org calculated my emissions at 2,5 tons C02; offset cost € 54,00. In contrast atmosfair.de estimated my impact at 4.3 tons C02; offset cost € 102,00.

Unclear pricing, the significant relative costs (10% – 18,5% of base airfare), and insufficient knowledge as to how my investment would actually be spent, creates uncertainty; and uncertain consumers don’t purchase.

What can be done to make carbon offset pricing consistent and transparent?

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