Today in an homage to Theodor Geisel (opinions of overly PC librarians be damned) I offer you a photo of my pale blue pants with nobody inside them.

Normally, I’m inside them. And, as they’re my favorite pants, I’m inside them quite often. So, when they ripped, I patched them. Well, actually my wife did but let’s not nitpick. I find the result chic and consider my actions economically prudent and environmentally responsible. Some might add sanctimonious and question my fashion sense. They may be right.

The point is, I could repair my pants. Unfortunately, most consumer products aren’t or can’t be repaired. Reasons include repair costs vs. buying new, planned obsolescence and  warranty restrictions, lack of DIY knowledge, and simply not caring. This all adds up to added waste and a larger ecological footprint.

What are your experiences? When do you repair? When do you replace?

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