While we use WordPress for this blog, we use Wix (yes, German speakers, I know – an incredibly poor name choice that does Georg Danzer proud) as the design tool for our company homepage. As such, we receive Wix promotional mailings. Yesterday I got an email from Wix with the following enticing link: Need some inspiration? Check out Asspizza.

Well, I love pizza – and inspiring pizza… WOW! I clicked.

Unfortunately, it turns out that Asspizza isn’t edible. Rather, it is Austin Babbitt’s pseudonym. Babbitt, a young man from New York, tags clothes (see photo) and sells them online.

Babbitt’s story got me thinking about who and what is considered artistically creative. A common definition of artistic creation is producing something beautiful and appealing of more than ordinary significance. Does tagging clothes meet this definition? More importantly, could Austin Babbitt have attained notoriety without his pseudonym? Leave a comment.

One thought on “One XL Asspizza with everything please

  1. I think I’ve lived in Europe too long. It took me way longer than it should have to figure out that “Asspizza” wasn’t just some Italian word I didn’t know. LOL

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