In previous blogs we have written about confirmation bias. We have also examined movements like flight shaming, that use guilt to change individual behavior that is damaging to the common good or simply considered societally unacceptable. Today my biased dogma got seriously shamed by some unpleasant karma.

You see, when it comes to the environment, I consider myself a model citizen. I don’t own a car. I bike, use mass transit, and occasionally car sharing. I live in a small, modern, apartment heated by second-use district heating. I wear my clothes a ridiculously long time. I buy organic and local produce. I rarely eat meat. I hör immer auf mei Frau, i bin pünktlich und genau … Sorry, I got carried away about how great I am.

So, I was shocked when I read that according to a recent study 3,7% of all C02 emissions are caused by on-line video streaming. (That 27% of that is porn is a topic for another blog). I readily confess to being guilty of binging on nonsense like GOT or Vikings. The question is, will I change my behavior?

What unpleasant truths do you face when examining your carbon footprint? Leave a comment.

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