It has been one month since we last posted. Like many, we have been preoccupied. Preoccupied watching our business wither. Preoccupied finding other sources of income. Preoccupied tracking global outbreak maps, infection graphs, and mortality charts. Preoccupied overcoming ennui despite the extra time on our hands. Preoccupied sending dumb messages on WhatsApp.

Too many journalists, analysts, bloggers, influencers, and others have chimed in on the corona virus. The defining questions of a nascent age – pressing and pointless – have been discussed ad infinitum. What shape will solidarity take in the EU following corona? How do I throw the perfect Zoom party? What should I watch next on Netflix? Is the cure worse than the cause? How do I run a marathon on my balcony?

I have nothing to add. I am tired.

One question has caught my attention, however. What if a shrinking economy wasn’t a disaster?

Before corona I questioned the continual growth paradigm, but distanced myself from degrowthers for a variety of reasons. While I don’t advocate diminishing economic output, I believe that corona has made apparent a need for greater regulation coupled with a move away from growth for growth’s sake. What are your thoughts? Leave a comment.


One thought on “This is Wilson. He now works from home.

  1. I’ve had similar thoughts, Bruce, and I was even starting to flirt with the degrowth concept before this crisis started. The worldwide response to the virus and the fact that we have actually put the global economy in a sort of medically-induced coma proves that humankind is capable of extraordinary action in the face of an immediate threat. (I’m ignoring the many examples of extraordinary stupidity we’ve also seen during this period.) How can we take that sense of urgency and maintain it in order to address the problem of climate change? It’s a similar existential crisis (even worse, in fact), just on a slower timeline.

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