This photo of a family displaced by the wildfires raging in Oregon ran in the New York Times on September 11th. The irony of the Fiji water bottle in the middle of the image is striking.

The fires in Oregon and California are out of control because of climate change. As California Governor Gavin Newsom recently said: “If you are in denial about climate change, come to California.” At minimum 3.1% of global C02 emissions are directly attributable to shipping and transport. Shipping water – the very resource needed to extinguish fire – 9,244 kilometers from Fiji to Oregon is unintentionally contributing to the current inferno.

In confronting climate change, many argue that it is the responsibility of governments to “do something.” While, government action is certainly needed, individual consumer choices also have a tremendous impact on the wellbeing of the planet.

What are your thoughts? What ironic situations do you encounter regarding climate change? Leave a comment.

Photo Credit: Kristina Barker The New York Times.

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