I really try to keep my faith in humanity and stay optimistic that we will somehow overcome our present problems. Today, thanks to this article in the NYT about flights that go nowhere and are sold out, I have a hard time maintaining a positive attitude.

As a writer I am normally not at a loss for words. However, having read about people who book flights that just circle in the air and then – after roughly 90 minutes of pointless fuel burning – land at their point of origin, leaves me speechless. I don’t know whether I feel helpless, angry or desperate. In any case this fatal alliance of ignorance and egoism calls for public shaming of both the airlines offering such flights and the people who book them.

Please help me restore my faith in humanity. Pass this article on, re-post it, re-tweet it. The times for accepting every selfish stupidity are over. Cry out your indignation!

Image by 愚木混株 Cdd20 from Pixabay.

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