I was up before the dawn. Actually, early morning yesterday I was not up before the dawn, but today I was. If Rick Davies was truly up before the dawn yesterday I don’t know. There is a decent probability that he was, however, because today at 3:00 A.M. we set the clocks back one hour in Europe.

Ideally, this will be our final clock adjustment. 84% of Europeans are in favor of scrapping “spring forward / fall back” and a proposal for discontinuing seasonal changes and repealing Directive 2000/84/EC has been bandied about in the EU parliament since September 2018.

Unfortunately, however, as with so many proposed EU policies, consensus can’t be reached. The proposal has now been kicked back to the individual member states making it unlikely that the clocks will stay as they are come spring 2021.

While I am a passionate European and believe fully in the ideal of a unified Europe, the current structure and consensus mentality of the EU are simply not working. On crucial policy matters, any member state can obstruct legislation with a veto. The consensus required to formulate binding legislation leads to so much compromise that final statues are far too often incoherent, blunted, and too late in reacting to critical situations. COVID-19, migration, climate change, and the crisis in Belarus are but a few examples where EU policy is severely lacking.

This leaves a playing field where overpaid bureaucrats dicker and dither over clock changes and whether prunes are a laxative. We deserve better as citizens. For the sake of a unified Europe we urgently need to reform the structure of the EU.

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