I’m taking a class this semester in Digital Ethics. Not surprisingly, much of the discussion revolves around ethical standards for online search engines and what moral obligations should/could/ought to be in meeting those standards.

Back at the dawn of the Internet there were a number of competing search engines – Lycos, Yahoo, AltaVista – and while alternatives are still available today, Google has an 87% market share. So, de facto, class discussion focuses on the obligations of Google and their parent company Alphabet.

Google’s corporate code of conduct includes the phrase “don’t be evil”, but given their dominance and recent business practices, many have questioned if this is little more than a marketing gag. I was leery of  Google before the class. Discussion and course readings, unfortunately, have stoked some of my suspicions.

Today, however, I have thrown caution and concerns to the wind because the Halloween Magic Cat Academy Doodle is back. Yeah! I’ve already wasted 30 minutes helping Momo the cat destroy nasty fish-ghosties.

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