Yesterday was a monumental day. Not only did Joe Biden and Kamala Harris clinch the election in the United States, but I hit 1,000 consecutive days on my New York Times crossword puzzle streak! Whoo Hoo! I thought something exciting might happen like a congratulatory email from Will Shortz, but alas the world took no notice of my accomplishment.

Admittedly I am not the world’s faster solver. It takes me about 29 minutes a day (average daily solve times increase as the week progresses because the puzzles become more difficult) to complete the puzzle. This means that since Monday February 12th, 2018 I have invested 20.1 days of my life entering words in boxes. Hmmm. In what more productive pursuits could I have invested 20 days of my life?

What fun but essentially pointless activities are part of your daily routine? Leave a comment.

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