I got bogged down the past two weeks with work, university, and other things but I am back today with a short review of William Gibson’s latest novel Agency.

Agency is set in the same fictional future as his 2014 novel The Peripheral. Well, at least part of it is. To explain more would be a bit of a spoiler. As Gibson has written three trilogies in the past, I hope that a third novel is upcoming. His publisher is already referring to the two books as components of the Jackpot Trilogy, so things look good.

Like all of Gibson’s work, Agency is deftly constructed and devilishly confusing. Both the reader and the main characters are cast into a chaotic caesura between known technology and the cusp of world altering nascent technology. No one really knows what’s going on – we’re all just along for the ride.

As always there are cultural references to consumer products that zing past me. In this case it is the importance of Verity’s Muji bag. Anyone out there who can explain Muji bags to me? Also, I’ve been wondering if Wilf Netherton, a character in both books, is a shrewd reference to something. It seems that there must be more to his name than just a random oddness.

If you have an opinion about the book, or about other Gibson novels, please leave a comment.

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