My middle son recently told me that he invests in limited edition sneakers. When I raised a questioning eyebrow, he explained how consignment resale functions over sites like Stadium Goods and showed me how quickly some of his shoe investments have appreciated.

With a little additional online research, I learned that a pair of white Nike Jordan 1 high-tops by the fashion designer Virgil Abloh originally priced at $190, currently sell for $2,750, and that some people are willing to pay $12,350 for a pair of Adidas PW Human Race sneakers designed by Pharrell Williams. What every makes you happy.

While many argue that investing in sneakers is no different than investing in other forms of collectibles such as stamps, coins, of baseball cards, I am not 100% convinced. In 1637 people in the Netherlands invested in tulip bulbs until the market crashed. In the 1720s the English invested in the South Sea Company until that bubble burst. In the 1840s there was railroad mania. The list goes on: Florida real estate bubble, Japanese stock market bubble, the dot-com bubble, US housing bubble

I any case, I hope my son is purchasing shoes that fit him. That way if the sneaker market crashes, he will at least have athletic footwear for a few years.

What do you think of investing in sneakers? Prudent investment or risky business? What other unusual investment vehicles do you know of or invest in yourself? Leave a comment.

Photo by Erik Mclean from Pexels.

2 thoughts on “Sneakerheads

  1. To invest in sneakers is a completely new way to let your money work for you. However, it is almost the same with every other investment because it depends on supply and demand. Moreover, the strategy behind is easy – you only need to find a limited produced sneaker which could appreciate in the future. Of course, it is a risky investment but you have at least a real good, which you can touch and wear. Whereas, when you compare this investment with NFT (Non-Fungible-Tokens) then it is immediately clear how abstract and how risky an investment can become. On the platform “OpenSea”, you can either create your own virtual picture or you purchase a unique virtual picture or you do both. We would rather say that your son is better off investing in real sneakers than in virtual sneakers 🙂

    Virtual sneaker: Moon Stomper

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