Almost two years ago I blogged about my favorite pair of blue jeans. My pants are still around, but they have become so patchy that they are now home use only. They are still my favorite pair of jeans, however, and I wear them often.

Unfortunately, another article of cherished apparel has been retired. I am sad to say that my Popeye T-shirt has been turned into shoe rags. It had nostalgic value.

My wife purchased it for me while I was running my debut marathon in Milan. Marathon newbie that I was, I didn’t bring a shirt to change into after the race. Around kilometer ten it started to rain, and I realized I had made a huge mistake. As I saw her cheering me on at about kilometer seventeen, I asked her to go buy me a shirt. And so, Popeye entered my life.

She chose the shirt because the “strong to the finish” text was so fitting to the occasion. On that day I was strong to the finish, and that initial marathon ignited a passion for distance running.

Goodbye Popeye. You have been a loyal friend and a wonderful reminder of my first marathon.

Do you have a favorite article of clothing that you can’t part with? Leave a comment.

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