Welcome to “Styrian Brain Juice” a blog to stimulate your gray matter. Our blog is a digital pendant to the classical forum – a marketplace of ideas; a place for the discussion of questions and issues of public interest. We want to hear from you and hope you will actively comment and contribute.

Who are we?
We are a married couple from Graz, Austria and have the unique joy of sharing both our personal and professional lives. We run a business consultancy focused on sales training and also guest lecture in the international sales and marketing programs of three FHs. To read our full professional bios, please visit our company homepage: https://www.schilcher-straight.com/.

Why did we set up Styrian Brain Juice?
When we are not holding a seminar for clients or teaching students, we like to keep our brains juiced by seeking our fresh ideas.

One of us, Bruce, does that by sitting on the other side of the lectern. 30 years after graduating for the University of Michigan in political science he is enrolled as a graduate student in the PELP (political, economic, and legal philosophy) program at the Karl Franzens University in Graz.

The other, Astrid, is an author of speculative fiction. Her debut novel Mitgefühl für den Teufel (Sympathy for the Devil) casts the Prince of Darkness in a new light confirming what Mick and Keith knew 50 years ago – he is a man of wealth and taste. Her second novel Der Alpendiktator und Menschenfreund was released in January 2020. You can learn more about the book at: https://alpendiktator.wordpress.com/.

The research and exploration inherent in studying and writing continually presents us with unfamiliar and unusual information. Most of our blog draws on interesting and provocative facts, theories, and enlightening tidbits that we dig up.

The Format
1. We will sporadically post – either in German or English – a fact, statistic, idea, study, article, etc. we consider interesting.

2. We will try our best to present “just the facts” and limit our opinions. The idea is after all to stimulate dialogue. Sometimes, however, we just can’t control ourselves but we will always try not to rant.

3. Each post will be a maximum of 400 words in length – just enough to juice your brain.

4. We will post about topics not directly related to our day job. If you are interested in our thoughts on sales and marketing, please see the blog on our company homepage: https://www.schilcher-straight.com/blog.

We welcome debate and dissent but ask that you treat all participants with respect. We reserve the right to remove any post that we consider inappropriate. Our guidelines are simple:

  1. NO HATE SPEECH: We will not tolerate cruel and derogatory language. Any posts with the intention of demeaning or brutalizing a person or a group on the basis of race, religion, ethnic origin, national origin, sex, disability, sexual orientation, or gender identity will be removed.
  2. KEEP IT LEGAL: We do not allow any illegal activities on our platform.
  3. NO ADVERTISING: We will remove any post that is a blatant advertisement for a product or service. If you want to promote your book, your company, your brownie recipe, or yourself start your own blog.

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