Can EBPM work?

Recently an article by Gudula Walterskirchen in the Austrian daily Die Presse about evidence based policy making (EBPM) caught my eye. EBPM has been kicking around since the 1980s. Essentially it is the idea that policy decisions should be based on comprehensive, meticulously established, objective evidence as opposed to intuition, ideology, or common sense. It … Continue reading Can EBPM work?

How Corny

Everyday I do the NYT crossword puzzle – a great source for factoids like clue 57 across. After completing today’s puzzle, I started thinking – just how much corn is that and how much land is needed to grow it? In 2018, the 142.86 billion gallons of finished motor gasoline consumed in the United States contained about … Continue reading How Corny

This is Wilson. He now works from home.

It has been one month since we last posted. Like many, we have been preoccupied. Preoccupied watching our business wither. Preoccupied finding other sources of income. Preoccupied tracking global outbreak maps, infection graphs, and mortality charts. Preoccupied overcoming ennui despite the extra time on our hands. Preoccupied sending dumb messages on WhatsApp. Too many journalists, … Continue reading This is Wilson. He now works from home.