Why a blog? Why don’t you just post on Social Media sites?
Yes, we could just use proven Social Media sites. However, we think FaceBook is evil and we cancelled our accounts three years ago. https://www.schilcher-straight.com/single-post/2016/12/28/Bye-Bye-Facebook. We are on LinkedIn but don’t consider it the correct platform for this type of discussion. Regarding other platforms – Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, whatever – we are either: a) too old school to feel comfortable with them, b) too lazy to figure out how they work, c) too dumb do understand that “you absolutely have to use this platform to be successful” d) all of the above.

Why in German and English?
German is Astrid’s native language and English is Bruce’s native language. While we are both fluent in both languages, it is still easier for each of us to write in our first language.

Couldn’t you translate every post? A recent post in English/German looked interesting but I don’t speak the language well enough to fully understand it.
We appreciate your desire to understand everything on the blog. However, as we are running this blog in addition to everything else in our lives, there is a limited amount of time we can dedicate to it. Don’t be shy in using a translation program to get a general understanding of the original post and/or subsequent comments and in responding in the language you feel most comfortable with (please limit to German or English). We want to hear from you – there is no reason for language to be a barrier.

How does that even work – living together and working together? Don’t you go nuts spending almost all your time together?
People ask us this all the time. In all honesty, Astrid gets asked far more often how she keeps from going nuts spending most of her time with Bruce and not vice versa. We don’t question why we are so compatible; we simply rejoice that we are well attuned. And, we were both nuts anyway before we met so the question is purely academic.

Why did you delete my comment, you jerk?
Most likely we deleted your post because you were rude, derogatory, or were promoting something. See our guidelines, you jerk.

Why is the site called “Styrian Brain Juice” (and not just Brain Juice)?
We wanted to call our blog “Brain Juice”, but someone else had already taken the name. Since we are proud Styrians “Styrian Brain Juice” was a great alternative.