Brush daily

Yesterday I got my teeth cleaned. As the dental hygienist was poking around in my mouth, I recalled the “bright idea/sell more toothpaste” legend. This trope has been around for years and goes something like this: A man approaches a major toothpaste manufacturer and says he has an innovation which would cost little to implement … Continue reading Brush daily

This is Wilson. He now works from home.

It has been one month since we last posted. Like many, we have been preoccupied. Preoccupied watching our business wither. Preoccupied finding other sources of income. Preoccupied tracking global outbreak maps, infection graphs, and mortality charts. Preoccupied overcoming ennui despite the extra time on our hands. Preoccupied sending dumb messages on WhatsApp. Too many journalists, … Continue reading This is Wilson. He now works from home.


Millennials haben die Baby Boomers als die größte lebende Generation überholt. Studien (Qualtrics und Accel, Gallup) brachten überraschende Fakten ans Tageslicht: 83% der Millennials behaupten, mit ihrem Job zufrieden zu sein. Gleichzeitig erwarten 46% innerhalb der nächsten 12 – 18 Monate den Job zu wechseln. 55% der Millennials geben an, bei der Arbeit nicht engagiert … Continue reading Millennials