Spilt Milk

I recently read that there are approximately 527,000 dairy cows in Austria producing around three billion liters of milk each year. My initial reaction to this factoid was, “Wow, seems like a high milk to cow ratio (roughly 5,690 liters per cow). So, I did a little fact checking and learned that a high-yield American … Continue reading Spilt Milk

Because there just wasn’t enough plastic

OK Rewe, I’m confused. On a separate website that you operate, gemeinsam-nachhaltig.at (sustainable together), you laud and trumpet your “Raus aus Plastik” (Get out of plastic) initiative. You inform gullible consumers, like me,  that you are committed to “... 100% umweltfreundliche Verpackungen. Plastik so weit wie möglich aus den Regalen verbannen …” (... 100% environmentally … Continue reading Because there just wasn’t enough plastic